Welcome to perhaps one of the most interesting web pages on the Internet. Why you ask? Well, perhaps after going through it you will understand why. This web page is devoted to "The Russian Stove". You may not have the slightest idea what the "Russian Stove" is. It is our goal that after you have visited this web sight and have understood its content, you will not only know exactly what a "Russian Stove" is but you might desperately wish you had one.

   There are, on this web page, a series of Drawings, Pictures and Writings that will help you better understand the idea behind the Russian Stove. We appreciate you stopping by and hope you like what you see. We would love to hear your comments.







What is a Russian Stove?


How do they work?


Why would I want one?


What are the Components

of a Russian Stove?


Where Can I get More Information?


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